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What we do

Here at SR Furniture we use the latest advances in technology to enable the machining & production of your products to the highest detail. With our highly skilled team we can take even the most basic of sketches and turn it into reality. 

Please feel free to Contact us to book your free design consultation and visit our factory to see how your furniture is made.

Your Dream is our reality so ensure we get your design completely the way you want it we have the ability to digitally render your designs through 3D modelling. 


This process enables us to communicate  the final designs through visuals so you can can see what your furniture will look like before it has been made and make changes if desired.

From Render to Reality
The Team

At SR Furniture we have a team of varied professionals capable of fulfilling your project to a high quality.

Everyone is highly trained on there particular station from the CNC machine operators to the woodworking benches. With such a large varied skill set in house we can accomplish most briefs using a wide range of materials. 



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